The scenery is varied and with the use of bus and cable cars a big round. From Damüls the hike leads over several managed Alps to the mountain station (Alpe Rossstelle) of the Mellau mountain railways.


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After a leisurely descent from the Uga Express mountain station, you are already at the first alpine pasture, the Ugaalpe.

The Metzler Alpine family offers a hearty snack and drinks for refreshment (milk, buttermilk, Alpine butter, cheese, yoghurt).

On an easy path you descend to the Laubenbach and after a short ascent you reach the Mittelargenalpe.

In addition to an alpine snack and drinks, there is also a Sennsuppe.

Before the Sackalpe we leave the wide path and cross before the "Klippern" to the other side of the mountain and descend to the Alpe Obere.

For hungry hikers there is a hearty Älpler snack with homemade products and drinks.

Between Kanisfluh and the "Klippern" we reach the Alpe Wurzach, where you have a wonderful view on both sides of the saddle.

This alp is also cultivated and besides milk, alp butter, yoghurt, cheese, goat cheese, alp snack and drinks the alp family also offers an alp breakfast on request.

In a beautiful moorland area lies the Kanisalpe, which also offers alpine snacks, sennsuppe and drinks.

Finally we reach the Alphof Rossstelle (self-service restaurant) and the mountain station of the Mellaubahn.