Hike with panoramic views and mountain railway support. The tour provides a good overview of the Kleinwalsertal. The Wildental is an idyllic side valley of the Kleinwalsertal.


2 - 3









FATMAP difficulty grade



This tour begins with an ascent with the Kanzelwandbahn and a magnificent panorama from the mountain station.

The hike leads via Adlerhorst and Kuhgehrensattel to Wildental, Alpe Kuhgehren, Wannenalpe, Fluchtalpe and Wiesalpen.

The alpine restaurants offer a wide variety of views of the Kleinwalsertal mountains. On the Inner Kuhgehrenalpe there are hearty snacks with sausage and cheese from the region, soups, homemade cakes and drinks.

On the terrace you can enjoy a cool beer or a fresh glass of milk and the wonderful mountain world.

Strengths can also be found on the Fluchtalpe with hearty dishes such as cheese and sausage sandwiches or homemade cakes.

For the thirst there is ski water, buttermilk and various other drinks.

On the Inner Wiesalpe you can enjoy a snack on the terrace or in the cosy parlour with products from our own farm.

There are fine snacks, mountain and alp cheese, Romadur, sausages, cakes, alp butter, curd cheese and yoghurt.

Breakfast is offered every Tuesday by appointment.

And the view to the Schafalpköpfe impresses again and again.

The Untere Wiesalpe is also open during the summer months (Wednesday rest day) and offers a snack, drinks and dairy products for refreshment.