Mountaineering in Styria - one of the most impressive but also most challenging mountain tours in the vicinity of the Mürzer Oberland Nature Park. Only for absolutely sure-footed and experienced alpinists. But there is also a mountain adventure of the special class!


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The Kahlmäuer, which actually lie just above the national border in Lower Austria, are probably the most impressive wall demolition of the entire Raxalpe.

The strongly indented rock faces plunge up to 700 metres from the plateau into the lonely Reisstal, and since both the start and the summit (Gamseck) and the entire descent run over the insured "Zahme Gamseck" in Styria, this unique tour was also included in the range of tours offered by the Mürzer Oberland Nature Park.

While the walls were once the favourite destination of the Viennese mountaineering elite (numerous climbing routes bear witness to this period), it has now become quiet in the border area between Styria and Lower Austria due to the closure of the former "Binderwirt" base.

Only the somewhat more frequently frequented insured trails through the Bärenloch and through the wildlife trail still attract isolated mountaineers to the otherwise very quiet valley.

But also another reason causes the peace in the Reisstal - the Kahlmäuer are characterized by mostly quite fragile rock and difficult path finding in the whole wall part.

However, this also means that all mountain tours in the Kahlmäuern should be reserved exclusively for well-trained and absolutely sure-footed alpinists! But those who meet the demands of this part of the Rax will experience solitude and seclusion on a mountain that, only about 100 kilometres from Vienna and Graz, is often hopelessly overcrowded.