Sixth stage on the Benedict Trail leads from Bad St. Leonhard, Gräbern and to Wolfsberg!


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Follow path Q6 from Kunigundkirche via Postgasse - turn left into Herrengasse - Reckturmgasse - turn right onto Weihbrunnweg, follow this to Hofbauersiedlung - cross the Klippitztörlstraße and follow the gravel road uphill in serpentines to the right.


Above the house narrow passage in the fence, further over the pasture/meadow to the vlg.

Lindner - from there on asphalted access road or forest road to the left partly dilapidated building complex with chapel - over the meadow or right over the road downhill to the Paracelsus spring (Preblauer Sauerbrunn - bottling plant) - approx.

6 km.

left briefly downhill and then right the road direction Prebl - after approx.

6 km.

1,5 km fork - keep left, after 200m right (sign:Gräbern) - after 1 km fork, keep left (into the forest), uphill to the church Gräbern (church key at the farmer in the bend in front of the transformer) km 12,7.

From Gräbern approx.

2,5 km road straight ahead to the right junction Wolfsberg-Auen - straight ahead to big lime tree, left bend - at the edge of the forest right uphill hiking trail 330 (Hennereck).

Left of the fence and then along the power line slightly uphill - at the edge of the forest to the left to the abandoned farm and to the road - to the right, the narrow asphalt road straight ahead into the forest - downhill sharp S-curve, then through the yard vlg.

Amber, on the left small chapel, in serpentines steeply downhill to Vorderwölch - bus stops Gumpold, Kriegl, Sturm, Schifter to integration road (sign Gh.

Kleinhenner 4 km) - here to the left Zellach-Weinzedlei - into the Weinzedleistraße up to the Auenstraße (junction Vorderwölch/Buchhof) opposite the tennis hall - to the left the Auenstraße up to the roundabout motorway exit Wolfsberg Nord - over the railway crossing - Gh.

Linde, Kelag, Lagerhaus - to the left to the roundabout of Grazerstraße - Stadthammerstraße to the yellow Lavantbrücke, to the right to the Rathaus - via Hohen Platz and J.Offnerstraße to Haus Benedikt (former Kapuzinerkirche).signs "Q4", "Q6", red-white-red markings and the green triangle sign "Benediktweg" show the way.