Guided tour: Gmunden - Altmünster - Grasberg - Neukirchen - Gasthof Windlegern - Inn "In der Kreh" h


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From Gmunden to Altmünster (1 ¼ hours)From the beautiful town hall square in the centre of Gmunden you walk along the esplanade along the lake shore - always with a view of the Traunstein and the Seeschloss Ort - until you reach a crossroads after about one kilometre.

There we turn left to the Seeschloss Ort, but our way leads right across the street and then immediately left through the Pensionatsstraße.

Keep left to continue on the narrow Mitterweg for about 300 metres and then turn right up the Johann-Nepomuk-David-Weg, which takes you back to the Pensionatsstraße.

The bypass road is crossed by a bridge and you turn right onto Würtembergstraße to Hotel Wildschütz.

Soon after turn right again through the forest to a crossroads and you will reach the SOS Children's Village immediately afterwards.

Then follows a narrow gravel road into a forest.

Now left towards Altmünster on a meadow ridge along to the theme path Altmünster and over the Harstubenweg, the Lindenstraße and then over the Münsterstraße to the parish church in Altmünster.

from Altmünster to Neukirchen (2 ¼ hours)From the church the hiking trail leads further up over the Marktstraße, after 400 metres turn left and after another 100 metres right, so that you reach the Stücklbachstraße towards Grasberg.

Soon we take a footpath up between houses and forest, under the railway bridge and reach the beginning of the beautiful forest gorge of the Stücklbachgraben.

The path climbs up to a junction next to waterfalls.

Continue to the left, cross a wooden footbridge to the other side of the valley and you come to an asphalt road, where a signpost indicates the path towards Grasberg.

At the next junction keep right, but then left again and on the road you go past the Miedlhof and then to the Grasberg and the Gasthaus Reschenwirt, which stands on a very scenic meadow.

On the road you go down a short distance, then left across the meadow to a driveway near a high-voltage line.

Now in westerly direction on paths and farm access roads, crossing the southern slopes of the Grasberg, then on a narrow steep path down to the first houses of Neukirchen and keeping right to the parish church.

From Neukirchen to the inn "In der Kreh" (2 ½ hours)From the church square in Neukirchen follow the signs "Viechtauer Heimathaus, Windlegernweg" to the next fork.

There turn right up to Calvary and on a gravel road, later on a forest path, ascending up to a forest road.

Continue on this road for one kilometre downhill until the path branches off to the left, where you reach the beautifully situated Gasthof Windlegern (overnight accommodation, Tuesday and Wednesday rest day).

Continue south on a road to a chapel and the edge of the forest, then left uphill to a forest road, which you follow to the left and after one kilometre to a signpost.

Straight ahead there is the road to the Hochsteinalm (25 min, overnight stay, Monday and Tuesday rest day) and on the right the hiking trail number 839 branches off, which leads flat uphill into a saddle, but then quite steep and sometimes slippery down into the Langbathtal and to the destination of this first hiking stage the country inn "In der Kreh".