Guided tour: Goiserer Hütte - Gosau - Gablonzer Hütte - Vord. Gosausee - Gosau Hintertal


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From the Goiserer Hütte to Gosau (2 ½ hours)The descent path to Gosau begins just below the hut with a signpost.

First over the alpine pasture flat downhill, past some beautiful huts of the Schartenalm to a signpost.

From here straight on through the forest down to a forest road, on which you walk one kilometre downhill (beautiful view of the Dachstein massif), then turn left and straight down through the forest to the managed Iglmoosalm (1,206 m).

from there a mostly wide path leads through the shady forest down to a small car park, above the village of Ramsau.

now sharp right over a bridge, then on narrow road to the pass Gschütt main road, which is crossed.

Then go up the road for 250 metres, turn left at the crossroads and then immediately right until you reach the "Gablonzer Hütte" sign.

From Gosau to the Gablonzer Hütte (3 hours) From the Protestant church up to the edge of the forest.

There begins a beautiful climb, which leads moderately steep through the forest uphill.

After crossing a forest road, the route continues, where in several swampy places the path on the footbridges must be crossed and you come back to a forest road, which you follow 500 meters to the left.

Then you turn right again on a path to the middle station of the Hornspitz lifts and continue flat to the Falmbergalm.

Now again on a forest path about one kilometre further until again the path branches off to the right, on which one now climbs steeper to the Gablonzer Hütte, the highest point of this stage with 1,550 metres.

From here you have an overwhelming view of the wild peaks of the nearby Gosaukamm and of the Vorderen Gosausee with the Dachstein in the background.

From the Gablonzer Hütte to Gosau-Hintertal (2 hours)First moderately steep downhill over the alpine meadows, then right on a steep path through the beautiful mountain forest to the Krautgartenalm and on to the Vorderen Gosausee.

You can also cover this stretch with the Gosaukammbahn.

The mountain station of this cable car is a little below the Gablonzer Hütte, from the Vorderen Gosausee there is a hiking trail to the left of the Gosaubach valley.

You will pass two car parks, then continue along the road for a short distance until you can turn left again and continue along a path to the Gasthof Gosauschmied, the end point of this stage, in Gosau-Hintertal." "To the 360° panorama tour through Bad Goisern ...