Travel path: Albert Appel House - Wildensee - Rinnerhütte - Offensee - High path - Almsee - Ghf. Jagersimmerlh


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From the Albert Appelhaus to the Rinnerhütte (1 hour)The trail initially leads downhill through sparsely wooded rocky terrain to the meadows of the Wildenseealm (1,525 m) with its many small alpine huts.

For self-caterers there is the Wildenseehütte.

After a short ascent over a karst threshold you hike through a flat high valley next to a sometimes disappearing stream.

Two branches point to the left to the 2,012 m high Rinnerkogel, the small managed Rinnerhütte (1,474 m - belongs to the mountaineers' association Ebensee).

From the Rinnerhütte to the Offensee (2 hours)The trail leads flat out at the beginning, past a spring to the plateau edge, from where you can already see the Offensee, which lies far below.

But now one gets into steep mountain terrain and the path winds down in many bends to the Rinnerboden, where a spring invites to drink, then to a waterfall and further, still steep downhill.

A particularly steep section is climbed over a metal staircase until you reach the valley floor near a forest road.

Turn right and follow this road for 1.6 km until you reach the shore of Offensee.

From Offensee to Almsee (4 hours) (1 hour to Gasthof Jagersimmerl)A few metres before reaching Offensee, the path to Almsee branches off to the right (path no.


The narrow path leads uphill through the forest to the Gschirrsattel (1,029 m), where 400 metres of altitude difference have to be overcome.

From the saddle (sign) we continue flat for a short distance to a forest road.

Now left on this road flat downhill, above the Gschirrhütte (hunting lodge) past, to the Weißenegg hunting lodge.

In front of the hut, turn right over the bridge and continue for 2.5 kilometres downhill to a fork in the road.

Continue along the right-hand road for a short while, then turn left onto a footpath 50 metres above sea level down to the Nesseltalbach stream and on the other side of the valley uphill again to another forest road, which you follow for 2.5 kilometres until you can descend to the right on a footpath in the direction of Deutsches Haus, which is located on the shores of the Almsee.

A magnificent hiking trail starts there, which leads to small dreamy bays on the eastern side of the lake, whereby the view to the mountains in the south of the lake is a special feast for the eyes.

After one has passed the ever narrower Almsees on the hiking trail, it is not far to the famous Gasthof Jagersimmerl, the final destination of this very long stage.