Guided route: Rieder Hütte - Grünalmkogel - Hochleckenhaus - Steinbach am Atterseeh


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From the Rieder Hütte to the Hochleckenhaus (5 to 6 hours)This path, which is sometimes difficult to walk, has large differences in altitude and should only be walked in good mountain weather.

If there is still a lot of snow, the way finding can cause problems.

From the Rieder hut it goes on the well developed way number 820 against northwest up to the large Eiblgrube, which must be bypassed at the southern edge.

Soon after you come to a fork in the road.

To the right it goes up to Eiblgupf, 1813m.

The path no.

820 continues to the left to a rock plate labeled HL.

Here the unmarked and difficult to walk Hirschluckensteig comes up.

We continue in a large arch around the rocky Brunnkogel covered with mountain pines to a spring.

From there the path becomes a little more strenuous again, with the ascent through mountain pine lanes and cart fields to the 1827m high Grünalmkogel following.

The highest point of the Grünalmkogel is bypassed on the northern side.

From there the path leads downhill along a narrow path over the southwest ridge for a longer time until it reaches the Pfaffengrabenhöhe, 1691m.

The path now turns northwest and follows a longer descent into the Pfaffengraben, 1354m.

Directly on the other side, the same altitude distance has to be climbed again until one gets to a signpost north of the Jagerköpfl.

From the right side the Schafluckensteig comes up directly from the rear Langbathsee.

From there it is not far anymore, because the Hochleckenhaus is already visible from afar.

The Hochleckenhaus was built on a special and panoramic hilltop and belongs to the Alpine section of Vöcklabruck.

From the Hochleckenhaus to Steinbach am Attersee (2 hours)From the Hochleckenhaus follows a popular path with great views and the craggy towers of the Adlerspitzen.

From the Hochleckenhaus the path number 820 continues over the alpine meadows to the west to the Grießalm, where it branches off.

Path 820 now leads to the left in the direction of Brennerin, but the hike to Steinbach am Attersee continues on path number 823, i.e.

to the right down to Antoniusbründerl.

Continue on a gravel-covered path in several bends to Hohe Rast and later on to Niederen Rast (beautiful views of the eagle peaks) until you finally reach a wide fork in the path, where the Valerieweg (2nd stage of the Salzkammergut BergeSeen-Trails) flows from the right.

Now the path does not go straight on, but to the left onto the Valerieweg until the next junction of the path number 822 follows.

Turn right down to the Aubodenhütte and then straight ahead for a short while and then left for the time being, but then immediately right again and down a broad path to the first houses of the village of Kaisigen.

Continue on an asphalt road to the centre of Steinbach am Attersee.