Guided route: Gosau-Hintertal - Vorderer Gosausee - Hinterer Gosausee - Adamekhütte h


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From Gosau-Hintertal to Hinteren Gosausee (2 ½ hours)From Gasthaus Gosauschmied in Gosau-Hintertal you hike along the signposted panorama trail to Gosausee in the valley inwards to the Urzeitpark, then further on a pavement along the road until you can turn right at a car park from the road.

Now we continue on a beautiful hiking path over many steps directly up to the Vorderen Gosausee (937 m).

From there you have the famous view to the triumvirate Dachstein, Mitterspitz and Torstein with the Gosaugletschern and continue either left on a forest road or right on a hiking trail to the end of the lake.

The path continues flat past the Niederen Holzmeisteralm and a hunting lodge, where you can see the small Gosaulacke on the right, and then the wide hiking trail gradually climbs to the magnificent Hinteren Gosausee at 1160 m above sea level.

Near the ascent there is the mostly managed Hohe Holzmeisteralm, which invites you to stop for a bite to eat.From Hinteren Gosausee to Adamekhütte (3 ½ hours)On the southern shore of Hinteren Gosausees begins the rather flat former Reitsteig (still from the Imperial period), which overcomes the very steep rocky flank in many bends.

You pass the remains of the former Grobgesteinshütte, where the terrain becomes flatter and you reach Hohen Riedel, where the marked path to the Simonyhütte branches off to the left.

Now it is not far to the Adamekhütte, which is visible from afar and enthrones at 2196 m.

This belongs to the Alpenvereinssektion Austria." "The 360° Panorama Tour through the Gosau Valley ...