Guided tour: Hochkogelhaus - Feuertal - Rinnerhütteh


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The third part of the alpine variant "Schönberg" leads over the rugged karst plateau of the western Totes Gebirge.

At the beginning the path is narrow and stony, later there is often no path at all, only the Austrian ground markings on the rock plates point the way.

This path requires a sure-footedness and a head for heights and should only be taken in safe weather conditions.

In case of falling fog or even snow, it is easy to get lost in the confusing terrain.from the Hochkogelhaus to the Rinnerhütte (5 to 6 hours)From the hut, take trail no.

611 in the direction of Schönberg for a short distance to the turnoff between Vorderem and Hinterem Rauhenkogel.

Now turn left onto path 630 through Latschengassen into the wide Feuertal.

Slightly uphill to the right you can reach the entrance of an ice cave in a short time, but our path continues up to the left to another fork in the road.

To the right you can climb up from here via Wehrkogel and Ostgrat to Schönberg.

However, the path continues to the left, descending flat, with beautiful views of the bold rock formations of the Kogel slope, and you come back to a fork in the path.

The direct descent from Schönberg to Wildensee leads here from the right.

This marked path leads here over the east ridge, which is more visible with steel ropes, whereby the variant "Schönberg" can be shortened by one day.

Now the path leads over karren plates and past many doline shafts to the Großer Scheiblingkogel, the summit of which is bypassed to the south, whereupon one reaches a junction north of the Kleiner Rinnerkogel.

From here you can climb left over meadow slopes to the summit of Rinnerkogel.

For this way, one is rewarded with an overwhelming view of the karst plateau.

Returning to the signpost, the path now descends towards the Rinnerhütte.

Shortly before reaching the Rinnerboden, you come to a fork again.

Now either straight on directly to the Rinnerhütte, or right down to the wonderful Wildensee (bathing opportunity) and then flat out to the Rinnerhütte, where you have to reckon with an additional effort of about 30 minutes.

At the Rinnerhütte you will find the 18th stage of the Salzkammergut BergeSeen-Trails.