Guided route: Almtalerhaus - Ringsattel - Brunnental - Steyrer Hütteh


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The first part of the alpine variant "Kasberg" begins at the Almtaler Haus, leads over the Ringsattel to the Jagdhaus in the Brunnental and then through the Katzengraben to the Steyrer Hütte, where you spend the night.

From the Almtalerhaus to the Jagdhaus Brunnental (3 hours)At the beginning you follow the signs "Herrentisch, Ringsattel, Steyrling" on a wide and flat forest path in the northeastern direction.

After 500 meters you come to a turnoff.

To the left, the path continues in the direction of Ödsee (to Kleiner Ödsee you walk 10 minutes, to Großen Ödsee a time of 20 minutes must be taken into account).

Our path continues for a short distance, then begins a steep climb to the beautiful view at the Herrentisch and up to the Ringsattel (897 m).

Afterwards it goes further moderately steeply downhill to the Ringhütte (hunting lodge).

Here a forest road begins, which leads through the narrow valley of the Steyrling out of the valley.

After 2.5 kilometres you come to the old forester's lodge in the "Bernerau" and soon afterwards you come to a fork after a bridge over the Steyrling.

Continue straight on along the forest road until after another 4 kilometres you reach the small settlement around the Jagdhaus Brunnental.

From the Brunnental to the Steyrer Hütte (2 ½ hours)From the Jagdhaus Brunnental follow the signs in a northwesterly direction on a forest path through the Katzengraben into the valley.

After 2 kilometers a bridge is reached.

Immediately after a right-hand bend, turn left onto a former drawpath along the stream until you reach a forest road with signposts again.

On this road you continue for a short distance, at a fork keep left and soon after a hiking path branches off to the right.

On this road you climb up through the forest in about three quarters of an hour to the beautifully situated Steyrer Hütte.