Guided route: Mondsee - deep ditch - southern shore of Irrsee - Zell am Moosh


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From the tourist office Mondsee you can reach the beautiful market place and the double-towered basilica with the former Benedictine monastery in a short time.

Continue through Herzog Odilo Straße to the roundabout on the main road, where an underpass leads to the Mondsee department store.

Now over the parking lot and through the Prielhofstraße further, then under the motorway through and at the ice rink right on a gravel road turn off.

Afterwards it goes on between meadows to the Vogelsangstraße and to the Haidermühle.

Straight ahead to the bridge over the Zeller Ache, but first uphill to the right and then left through the Mühldorfstraße.

Between meadows and fields to the Mondseeland riding hall, then past the composting plant to Schwand, turn right on the signposted Irrseeweg, then through an avenue to the building yard and into the village of Kasten, which is on the B154 road.

10 minutes on the footpath and cycle path next to the B154 road to the beautiful public bathing area of the community Tiefgraben on the southern shore of the Irrsee.

Continue a short distance along the cycle path, then turn left down to the lake shore and then to the sports field.

Then we cross a bridge and from there, keeping right at the turn-off, to the parish church in Zell am Moos.