Who says "I woa at Hochleck´n" doesn't usually mean the summit of "Hochleckenkogel" (1,691 m), but the managed Hochleckenhaus with a magnificent Attersee panorama (1,572 m).


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But first, one hikes from the first parking lot at the Taferlklaussee first on a forest road (middle road at fork) above a gravel pit slightly uphill.

After half an hour you reach the boundary spring of the Aurach origin on a wide path.

In many small hairpin bends one climbs through woodland to Aurachkar, which is reached via a steep step.

A fountain invites you to take a well-deserved rest.

First in the middle, then on the left side, directly under the rocks of the Neukirchner tower, the Schüttkar climbs steeply.

Where the path turns right after a steep step, path no.

827 branches off straight upwards onto Hochleckenkogel.

However, the path to the Hochleckenhaus leads to the right to the prominent rock head of the "Jausenstein".

The upper part of the Kares can be reached after a hollow steeply uphill.

The exit from the Aurachkar leads over a short steep step, which is climbed with a wooden staircase ("Golden Gatterl").

The Höllengebirgsplateau is reached, and one sees the Hochleckenhaus, where one arrives after a few minutes, crossing the route of the material ropeway.Walking time: Taferlklaussee (765 m) - Hochleckenhaus (1574 m): 2 hours, further to the Brunnkogel: approx.

1 ¼ Hour.Difference in altitude: 809 mArequirements: alpine tour; endurance and surefootedness requiredRetreatment: Hochleckenhaus (open from Easter to the end of October, overnight accommodation).