The Biodiversity Trail provides information about the diverse bird species and their habitat around the pond by means of information boards. A total of 12 stations offer the opportunity to hear the birdcalls. The circular hiking trail starts next to the car park behind the Sitzenberg fire station.


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The start-finish station of the circular hiking trail is located next to the car park behind the Sitzenberg fire station between the tennis court and the castle pond.

Including the start-finish station, 13 stations are set up along the entire approximately three-kilometre-long route. The circular hiking trail first leads from the car park to Schlossbergstraße, where you turn left to Karl Fischer Straße.

Then turn right, shortly afterwards left again into the Wimmergraben.

You pass the first three stations along the Wimmergraben. At the third stration, take the forest path on the left up to the Kreitweg.

When you reach the Kreitweg, keep left and you can already see the fourth station. After another two stops, walk along the Kreitweg to the junction of Karl Fischer Straße and straight ahead along the Wiesenweg.

Now a short distance leads us back to the pond. At the children's playground on the pond grounds, the path leads counterclockwise around the Sitzenberger Schlossteich pond, where the next six stations are located.

After the circumnavigation you reach the start-finish station again. At the individual stations the different habitats with their characteristic animals and plants are shown on display boards.

Also possible dangers and measures which serve for their preservation are pointed out. Each station also has a bird call desk with two buttons, which trigger the birdsong.

The "voices" switch off automatically after some time. The bird voices produced by these sound carriers can be heard in the wild from March to September from the birds occurring in the Umgebuhjng.