The BLAUE WEG of the Sensenthemenweg in Roßleithen leads you over the Schweizersberg to the Stummerkogel and offers you the description of the farms, mountain world and stories around the Sense. At the Stummerkogel (817m) there is a panorama description of the whole mountain world.


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From the starting point at Gasthaus Sengsschmied in Roßleithen you walk along the road towards Windischgarsten and leave the local area.

In a long right-hand bend, take the second entrance left into the road towards the Gallbrunn snack station.

Walk along the road until you reach the Gallbrunn snack station.

From here, a dirt road (hiking trail number 16) leads you straight ahead until you reach a road.

Follow this road to its end and then turn left up the road to the fork in the road.

Here you go first left, then right and before the farm left along the meadow way.

Here follow the path at the edge of the Stummerkogel and enjoy the great view.

Again at a road you follow it straight ahead, first a right turn, a left turn, then a right turn and again a left turn.

At a forest where the road leads to the left you go straight ahead and walk right along the forest.

Now follow the road and you will come back directly to the starting point in Roßleithen.

The history of the municipality of Roßleithen is closely linked to scythe production.

Schröckenfux GmbH still forges scythes for the whole world today.

In the context of the Sensenfestival 2004 the "1st Roßleithner Sensenthemenweg" was opened.

Along the hiking trails, which are marked with small scythes of different colours, you can learn more about the different types of scythes and interesting historical conditions.

Many wonderful views of all the mountain peaks in the region are described on information pictures.