Please note: Until further notice the brine pipeline between Bad Ischl and Hallstatt is closed! However, it is possible to walk along the Engleitenstraße and the sidewalk next to the main road to Bad Goisern/Steeg. Afterwards you can walk along the Ostuferwanderweg to Hallstatt.Length: 10 km / Walking time: 2 h 30 min


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Length: 10 km to Bad Goisern centre, 21 km to HallstattOn this long hike to the south we follow the historic brine pipeline to Bad Goisern.

From the starting point we walk through the pedestrian zone of Pfarrgasse to the newly designed avenue of the Esplanade.

We walk along the Traun up to the natural monument Kaltenbachteich near a new road bridge (former local railway bridge).

In front of a wooden chapel (bark chapel) near the pond we keep to the right and walk through the Kaltenbachau until we finally reach the brine path after the ski jumping facility.

A short time later we pass the Kaiser Jagdstandbild (left below the path), which was erected in 1910 on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Emperor Franz Joseph.

Following the shady brine pipeline path, we reach the historic Lauffen (bus and railway stop), the last part on the asphalted Engleithen road.

Here it goes again on the brine pipeline way.

Past the "Wilden Lauffen", a former obstacle of salt shipping on the Traun, we continue our way.

Walking through larger meadows we come to the houses of the village Weißenbach in Bad Goisern.

On the asphalt road, the brine pipeline path gets lost until it takes shape again after a few metres of ascent at an inn.

Here the yellow signs end and you have to follow the signs "Soleweg" to Bad Goisern or further to Hallstatt.