Along the way you will learn everything you need to know about cheese production. An ideal way for the whole family, an interactive experience with the help of the free "Genusswander-APP's"<a data-cke-saved-href="" target="_blank" href=""> here you can download the link.


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Starting from the Schlierbach village square, the first "adventure station" is Schlierbach Abbey after 100m.

Guided tours through the 1st Austrian Show Dairy, where you can experience the cheese production up close, as well as the magnificent rooms of the monastery and the stained-glass windows invite you to visit.

The hiking trail leads to the rear of the monastery via a small gravel path to a road.

There you turn left (if you have children, make a short detour to the right to the "Mahlzeit" playground with play stations like the Salat- und Apfelwippe) on a meadow path to the Kalvarienberg chapel, past the Haslinger houses to the end of the asphalt road.

From there a meadow and forest path leads up into the wooded slope of the Grillenparz.

Once you have reached the "Schmickinger Kapelle", there is only a short ascent to the summit ahead.

There you will be rewarded with a magnificent view up to the hilly Mühlviertel and a wonderful view of the Tote Gebirge mountains as you descend along meadow paths.

Over the Schaunberg you then come through the forest to the snack station Zeisl, where traditional home cooking is offered in a cosy atmosphere.

From there you can already see the towers of the Schlierbach Monastery, in the direction of which the SPES Future Academy awaits you after about 10 minutes.

There you can eat in the dark enjoyment room (please note opening hours!).

We continue to the Schröcker country butcher's shop with its guesthouse and beautiful garden.

There you will find a fresh "Kistenbradl" (Sa), "Kesselheiße" but also a tasty menu with salad buffet.

Finally you should visit the Panorama Stift Schlierbach (former pleasure centre) to take the famous Schlierbach cheeses for yourself or as a gift for friends.