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The trail runs along the K4 and K90 hiking trails in Kirchdorf and Micheldorf.

This path can be followed from 2 starting points.

A starting point is at the Genussparkplatz on the Kirchdorfer Frohsinnwiese next to the city park.

Hike to the city park with children's playgrounds and Fintness Parcours.

Further over the castle Neupernstein, here a wonderful view of the castle awaits you.

Now the path K 94 branches off and leads south into the district Weinzierl and further over the Mitterweg to Atzelsdorf.

Here cross the road to Altpernstein Castle and after approx.

150 m turn right via Gradnteich and Alpenbad.

After the car park at the elementary school, keep slightly to the left and continue walking to the scythe smith museum.

From there turn north via Herrenhaus into Alte Spitalstraße.

Later take the underpass of the B 138 and you are already in the Müllerviertel.

Follow Gräberfeldstraße to the crossroads where you turn left, then over the railway crossing and right along the railway embankment.

The way back, K 2 leads over the Verschönerungsweg, here it goes through a railway underpass at the tennis courts back to the city centre Kirchdorf.