Along the Keltenweg route we have an exciting insight into the world of our ancestors. There are many mystical moods to be discovered in the beech and mixed forests on the Pötschen, but they do not open up at first glance as "colourful events" but demand attention and peace.


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Kapfenberg is embedded in a wonderful natural landscape.

The city was also able to establish a name for itself as an international sports and training city.

Despite everything Kapfenberg attaches great importance to harmony between life and work in an intact environment. Even the "indigenous population" - the Celts settled in the town of Kapfenberg in the pre-Christian millennium. Along the Celtic Way route of around 6.5 kilometres we can gain an exciting insight into the world of our ancestors.

Throughout the route we will be accompanied by boards and stations which will give you an entertaining insight into the history and culture of the Celts.

Yellow-blue path markings and additional signs show us the way.

If you keep your eyes open, you will be able to track down many details at different times of the day and year and perhaps walk "in the shoes of our ancestors". Quality of life and social security create a climate of community in the beautiful town of Kapfenberg. Did you know that Kapfenberg is the third largest city in the province of Styria, and that you are in 5 minutes in the green nature?