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There are several ascents to the highest, purely Styrian summit - but the ascent over the south ridge is certainly one of the most beautiful.

The ascent from the Preintaler Hütte through the Trattenkar and Himmelreich is particularly attractive in early summer due to the alpine roses and the many small streams.

Small lakes are often still lined with snow and photogenic motifs.

After the way cross at the Wildloch Scharte the rock steps and later the actual block ridge begin.

The path leads airily over narrow bands around the various towers up to the summit with its magnificent panorama.

The descent takes place via the slightly easier north ridge to the Kleine Wildstelle and Neualmscharte.

From there via Höfersteig no.

782 back to Preintaler Hütte.

Variants: If you are afraid of the airy passage on the south ridge, you can choose the descent described above as your ascent.

Beware when crossing from the Kleine Wildstelle to the summit ridge.

From the Kleine Wildstelle you have a beautiful view over the staggered chains of the Niederen Tauern.

" "Variant over Hans Wödl Hütte and Neualmscharte: No less attractive is the ascent (1,590 metres above sea level) from Styrian Lake Constance in the Seewigtal via Hüttensee and Obersee.

From Lake Constance, the first 515 metres of altitude difference can be climbed in 3 altitudinal steps along waterfalls and mountain lakes.

From the Obersee, trail no.

782 leads up a steep 675 m altitude to the Neualmscharte.

In early summer, caution is advised, as there is still snow in the saddle well into the summer.

From the saddle to the left to the Kleines Wildstelle and as described above to the summit.

Descent as well as ascent or via the Preintaler Hütte into the Untertal valley to the Riesachsee and bus stops at Seeleiten.

Starting point for variant: Lake Constance in Seewigtal Hiking time: strenuous day tour - approx.

9 hrs.

Characteristic: Alpinsteig - surefootedness.

Possibilities for refreshments: Forellenhof at Lake Constance and Hans Wödl Hut at Obersee - Preintaler Hut. If you are not staying overnight at the Preintalerhütte, you can also start the tour directly from the Riesach (Rohrmoos-Untertal) car park (+ 2.5 hours ascent).