Wanklmoar Sag and Kößlbach


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Best season: April - October botanical highlightsEquipment: sturdy street shoes, sneakers.Technique: *DirectionsWe start in front of the Esternberg community centre and walk along the road to NW, but immediately turn left again and head south.

Soon we meet the road again and follow it past the sewage treatment plant through the forest.

After approx.

3 km, which we hiked along the Riedlbach valley, we reach the mouth of the Riedelbach into the Kößlbach and the "Wanklmoar Sag".

We now follow the course of the Kößlbach with its interesting vegetation until we turn left up in Kneiding.

We leave the forest and hike through the cultural landscape to Ringlholz.

From there it goes through the forest back to Esternberg.Interesting points on the way:Legendary cultural life:Parish church EsternbergStauberkapelle in Ringlholz Nature(t)space & movementKößlbachtal with Wanklmoar SagStausee KneidingTeufelskirche (natural monument)Spiritual hiking on the Donausteig:In the Bible the tree is described as a symbol of life and creation and in many peoples and religions trees have a special meaning.

The first mentioned tree of Christianity is found as apple tree - tree of knowledge - in the Old Testament.

The intimate relationship between man and tree is already mentioned in the Old Norse song collection "Edda" and in Celtic, Slavic and Germanic cultures trees are revered as sources of power for man.

Through its roots, the tree represents a close connection with the earth.

With its branches stretching to the side and upwards, it forms a connection to the sky.

The silence and tranquillity we find during a walk in the woods can give us new strength and balance.

With the many types of trees each one has its own charisma and symbolic power: strength, sincerity, flexibility, width, abundance...

On the Kößlbach Round, which is characterized by an interesting vegetation and special tree-nature beauties, I turn to trees attentively: touch tree bark and carefully feel the surface.

look lying on the ground or sitting up and observe the treetops.

hold leaves against the light and marvel at the veins in them.Discover the most diverse leaf forms, embrace a tree, lean against its trunk and enjoy its strength, brush with tree needles over the back of your hand, observe the visible roots of the trees, count the annual rings at an intersection, and let the trees affect our soul through their being.

Rare plant worlds and natural beauties line the way.

Especially recommendable is a small detour downstream of the Kößlbach at the "Wankelmoar Sag" to a seven-trunk flutter elm.