From Scheiblingau near Molln you hike to Jagahäusl, on to Ebenforstalm and Schaumbergalm, and back to the starting point.


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From the Scheiblingau car park you follow the Krummen Steyrling along the forest road to the Jagahäusl.

The Bodinggraben starting point is worth an excursion.

The water-spouting "Maul-auf-Loch", the former hermitage, the stately forester's lodge and the romantic Annakapelle chapel lend this valley a special charm: Water-induced erosion in the rock - so-called vats (popularly known as "Bodinge") - characterise the canyon landscape.

On the Ebenforstalm (open from the beginning of May to the end of October), a good snack awaits every hiker for refreshment.

Those who still have enough strength can hike on to the Alpstein (1,443 m) and the Große Trämpl (1,424 m).

Here you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the Sengsengebirge and the Hintergebirge mountains.

After this summit victory you hike back down to the valley via the Schaumbergalm (open from the beginning of June to the end of September - Monday rest day!).

In the "Jagahäusl" (open May to October - Monday rest day) it is worth taking a rest.

The hut snack and a glass of cider round off the hiking experience.

Along the Krummen Steyrling you reach the forest road and after a short walk back to the car park.