Varied alpine and mountain hike on good, but sometimes steep climbs (after rain slippery).


2 - 3









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Starting point / end point: Parking Scheiblingau in the valley of the Krummen Steyrling.

Access from Molln (18 km). It's so green - no wonder in a national park! But the green hides special features: mysterious springs, carnivorous plants or holes in which whole streams disappear ...

On the Ebenforstalm, an idyllic high pasture in the west of the Hintergebirge, all this becomes visible on an educational trail.

But the hiking pleasure begins already down at the Krummen Steyrling: We march on the gravel road past an old Triftklause into the tiny settlement Bodinggraben.

In addition to the renovated Anna Chapel, down-to-earth delicacies are tempting in the historic Jagerhaus, which belonged to the neighbouring hunting lodge of the Counts Lamberg.

Here we turn left and hike along path no.

472 through the Bodinggraben - Boding is the name given to the many washed out pools of the stream - up to the Ebenforstalm.

Here, at the foot of Trämpl and Alpstein, the theme trail Wollgras, Alm und Wasserschwinde begins.

On the gently sloping forest road you will soon learn interesting facts about the springs and the rock of the alp.

From the theme board Karst, the path to the right leads along a path that in places runs along footbridges to a waterstorm.

A beautiful wool grass meadow leads to the Ebenforster Moor.

Its up to 2 m deep peat moss cushions began to grow 7800 years ago.

We hike on to the tree hotel, in whose dead wood many endangered animal species feel comfortable.

Soon the Almhütte is reached again and at the latest now a strong snack is announced.

Strengthened in this way, we hike back to the valley quickly.

Gourmets with the appropriate condition will certainly still be attached to the Trämpl.

The rock-backed summit is much easier to climb than it looks from below: From the saddle in the west of the alp a good climb leads southwards over the ridge into the forest slope and then left up to the summit cross. Rest stops: Hunter's house in the Bodinggraben, Ebenforstalm