"Experience the energies of the Steyr, relax by the water and recharge your batteries!"


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The attractive excursion destination for those seeking relaxation, consisting of 4 circular hiking trails suitable for prams with 16 stations for games and information, will be accessible from early summer.

The mascot "Steini" accompanies you on the hikes, tells you about Steinbach a.


Steyr and explains the various play and hiking possibilities in the easy terrain.

The circular hiking trails are located in the immediate vicinity of the village centre, are largely barrier-free and suitable for prams and can be walked in 45 to 90 minutes at most.

Steyr Messererweg "Using energy" L 0.8 kmWaterway "Making energy flow" L 2.5 kmPowerway "Filling up on energy" L 4.5 kmAltaway "Experiencing energy" L 5.5 kmStarting point of all four routes: Local car parkRundweg 1: Messererweg - "Using energy" (0.8 km)In the historic town centre, the circular route enables an excursion into the history of Steinbach and at the same time the present and future of energy production can be experienced.

Experience stations: Messerermuseum am Steyrufer, modernised power station of Energie AG, old Handwerkgasse and town square with revitalised houses.Rundweg 2: Waterway - "Energy to flow" (2.5 km)From the historic centre, the trail leads along the Steyrufer.

It provides insights into the Steyr Gorge from various vantage points and, at the same time, allows direct contact with the water of the Steyr.

Experience stations: Deceleration site directly on the banks of the Steyr, viewing rocks.Rundweg 3: Kraftweg - "Fill up on energy" (4.5 km) Starting from the turbulent waterway, the trail leads along the edge of the Steyr Gorge through the local Steinbach recreation area via meadows and forests to the Kraftplatz.

The prevailing tranquillity and idyllic landscape make it possible to recharge and switch off.

This experience is intensified by various stations: Energy game, energetic power station, balancing discs..Rundweg 4: High trail - "Experience energy" (5.5 km)Continuing from the waterway via the power trail, the high trail climbs slightly to an ice-age gravel terrace high above the settlement area.

It offers breathtaking views of the panorama of the Kalkalpen National Park and the Steyr Valley region.

Experience station Viewing platform.