Experience, explore, comprehend and preserve wilderness! The Nature Trail is an ideal hiking destination for nature lovers who are on the move with open eyes. Rustic forests with mighty fir trees and old yews accompany you to the Patzlberg. What is cadaver rejuvenation, how do stilt roots develop and live dead wood? The amazing answers are hidden at the station "Worth knowing about trees".


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Starting from the National Park Hotel Villa Sonnwend, you hike mostly on forest paths to the Patzlberg, then through the Salzatal to the Wurbauerkogel - the "fire salamander symbol" serves as a signpost! Eight stations, most of them interactive, bring variety to the hike.

You can let your imagination run wild with the stone disc game.

At the station "Worth knowing about trees" you will learn everything about cadaver rejuvenation and stilt roots.

From the station "Nationalpark Blick" you can watch chamois with the telescope on the opposite stone wall with a little luck.

With the "Wheel of Time" they take a look back into the past and learn how the impressive mountain world of the Windischgarstner Valley was created.

Children can try out their climbing skills in front of the Wurbauerkogel panoramic tower.

Even in rainy weather, the "Nature Trail" trail is worth a visit, as the otherwise nocturnal fire salamanders venture out of their hiding places there.

Not for nothing is the Feuersalamander the symbol of the adventure trail, paths no.

2, 3 or 8 are recommended as the way back to Villa Sonnwend!