The hike over the lush alpine pastures on the Millstätter Höhensteig touches all the senses: let yourself be inspired by the fantastic view of the picturesque Millstätter See. And follow the grenade pebbled paths until you reach your destination in the evening: The romantic, promising shore of Lake Millstätter See.


5 - 6









FATMAP difficulty grade



The tour begins at the 1,786-m-high Alexanderhütte and leads along gently rolling alpine meadows to the Millstätter Törl.

From here the view opens up to the Ankogel group with the majestic Hochalm peak.

After a short ascent you reach Kamplnock, from where you have a fantastic view of Lake Millstätter See.

This view does not let go of the hiker and completely fascinates him on the following kilometres.

In addition to the special viewpoints Millstätter Alpe, Obermillstätter Almkreuz and Stana Mandl, the Granattor is particularly fascinating: Inspired by the cubic orientation of ancient Roman and Greek architecture, the idea was born to pay homage to the garnet deposits of the region, the largest in Europe, with this mighty gate.

Although the geometric form seems to defy nature, the earthy colour of the gate creates a harmonious, attractive image in the landscape.

The trail continues to the Lammersdorfer Hütte - a special highlight of Alpine-Adriatic cuisine.

From there, after a slight ascent, you reach the summit at the Jufekreuz, before the descent leads over gentle alpine meadows towards the Sappleralm and further through old larch and spruce forests with romantic clearings to Matzelsdorf.

From there it continues - past the Hohe Wand vantage point - to the longed-for destination Döbriach.