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Character:Impressive scenery; the trail is well prepared, but initially only poorly marked.

The "black" path to the Hohe Nock is well marked, but can only be recommended in safe weather conditions! 600 ha of the Feichtau is the largest of the 20 bumped (farmed) alpine pastures in the Kalkalpen National Park.

The rustic forest all around was no longer used for many decades.

The rebuilt alpine hut includes a stable and a cheese dairy, solar energy provides the necessary hot water and a 3.3 km long forest road leads from the Bodinggraben along the Blöttenbach to the west.

Passing the Lettneralm we reach the Blumaueralm after about 30 min., idyllically situated at the end of the valley.

Our way leads over the meadow area and then changes at a big bend (return hut) into a cart path, which leads along the brook.

There is always a magnificent view of the mighty northern crashes of the Nock massif.

What is unique here is that the mixed mountain forest extends directly up into the rocky regions.

Finally the path in the forest begins to climb a little more.

In front of the owner's seat we pass Lake Herzerl, which in spring is a refuge for orange-bellied mountain newts.

Then we keep to the right and reach the ridge between Nock and Rotgsoll.

Now only a quarter of an hour separates us from the Feichtaualm: On the red marked Nock ascent path you reach the Polzhütte and the ÖAV-Selbstufgerhütte on the right through rustic spruce forest.

After the snack you have the choice between the short hike through the so-called Feichtau jungle to the two Feichtau lakes and the difficult mountain tour to the Hohe Nock, the highest peak in the 20 km long Sengsengebirge.

Choose the latter route, follow path 466 back to the holder's seat, walk briefly through the west flank and then back on the ridge until you reach a large mountain pine forest.

Past a pulpit-like rock and through mountain pine lanes under the overhanging rocks of the North Ridge into the wide, butter-filled Nockkar.

Through this, in a steady ascent to a small hollow, from which one climbs over scree and small rock steps to a sloping, gorge-like gully.

It opens the way to the undulating plateau with its dolines (on the right it is worth making a detour to the cross on the Seehagel - wonderful views down to the lakes).

Left to the near summit meadow.

Return on the same route.

Refreshments: Jägerhaus in the Bodinggraben: May - October open daily, November on weekends, Dec.

to the end of March from Wed - Sun open, April closed.

Polz Hut: 1 July to 17 Sep.

2017 open on weekends in good weather.