Extensive, very varied hike.


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From the Kirchenplatz pass the Hotel Radetzky and turn right up the old Mondseer Straße at the Yachtclub to the Sonnplatz.

Now the road climbs steeply for a short time.

Past the Hotel Billroth and the Schuschnigg Villa you pass through light deciduous forest.

Dazwishcen you can always enjoy a view of the lake.

About 250 m before the junction with the Mondsee main road, the footpath now descends steeply to the right to the houses of the idyllic Brunnwinkl, from where the romantic lakeside path meanders along the rock of the Saurüssel to the picturesque Fürberg Bay.

After the Hotel Fürberg you continue on the asphalted road, which soon climbs steeply to the left through light woods.

After leaving the forest, you gently descend to the quiet village of Winkl at the foot of the Schafberg mountain.

At the junction in the village, take the turn-off to the left, you will reach the Europakloster Gut Aich and then cross the Mondsee main road.

Now it goes behind the farm Mühlauer to the Mühlauer height uphill, afterwards immediately again down to the federal road.

This is crossed again, the way back to the center leads over the old Mondseer street.