The name Attergau for the southern Hausruckviertel originally refers to the bowl-shaped and fertile basin around the market St. Georgen in the Attergau. Sailboats and excursion boats cavort on the Attersee and divers will find the most beautiful dive sites here. The Mondsee and the Irrsee have no less enthusiastic followers.



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The Mondsee is a sporty and active lake, while the Irrsee is a recreational oasis under nature conservation.

This beautiful lake landscape, with its idyllic lakeside locations, forms a backdrop for very special occasions and inspires artists.

In Steinbach and Weißenbach at the Attersee, the Künstlerweg reminds us of artists who lived here or came here for a summer holiday.

Gustav Mahler lived in Steinbach am Attersee from 1893 to 1896 and wrote his 2nd and 3rd symphonies in the "Komponierhäusl" on the lake shore.

The pianist and composer Friedrich Gulda lived in Weißenbach.

Gustav Klimt and Christian Ludwig Attersee were inspired by the Attersee to create great works.

Every summer renowned artists come again, when the "Mondseer Jedermann" is performed and summer festivals lure to a time travel into the different music epochs.

At the beginning was the dumplingThe Mondseer saga tells of a sunken village in the Mondsee.

In 1871 the first pile-dwelling villages at Mondsee and Attersee were actually discovered and research confirms the settlement in the Neolithic Age.

This epoch was declared a "Mondsee culture" and in 2011 the lake dwellings in Mondsee were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The pile dwellers collected wild fruits such as hazelnuts and rose hips, hunted wild animals and already understood how to stock them.

They cultivated wheat, barley and cabbage, and dogs, cattle, sheep and goats have been recorded as domestic animals.

In the Mondseer monastery in the Lake Dwelling Museum an important historical proof for the Upper Austrian food culture can be seen.

It is about 4,000 years old food leftovers, which show that meat or fruit was already then wrapped with dough to form a ball.

Thus is confirmed: The dumpling is a true Upper Austrian.

How nutritious, easy to cook and even suitable to take away a dumpling is, is proven by the further development up to the present time.

From soup to dessert, dumplings fit everywhere and they are called: liver, bacon, fish, vegetable, plum or apple dumplings, to name just a few.

The cookbook "Knödelküche" by Ingrid Pernkopf and Christoph Wagner alone contains 250 dumpling recipes from spicy to sweet, and a praline for the artistThe painter Gustav Klimt regularly spent his summer holidays in Schörfling am Attersee between 1900 and 1916.

Around 45 paintings were created here, and in breathtaking beauty he reproduces the colours of Lake Attersee like hardly any other artist.

The history of the world-famous painting "Attersee", original drawings and photographs are documented in the multimedia Gustav Klimt Centre in Schörfling.

As is well known, Gustav Klimt was not averse to fine delicacies, and so the "Original Klimt-Praline" was created in his honour in the confectionery Ottet in Schörfling.

This is a composition of fine, bitter chocolate, filled with Amaretto ganache, decorated with real gold leaf.

On the farms in MondSeeLand, mainly milk for cheese is produced, but also many other specialities.

Sausages made exclusively from lamb are produced at Mondseelamm Ebner in Mondsee, and at Rauhbergerhof everything revolves around pasta production and the processing of our own fruit into fruit spreads.

In the Erlachmühle the flour for the bread baked in the wood stove comes from our own mill and in summer the senior chef bakes farmer's doughnuts as dessert for a hearty snack.

At the Aichinger inn, the landlady cooks the "zamglegten dumplings" typical of MondSeeLand.

At the foot of the Drachenwand, the Scharflingerhof is located directly on the VIA NOVA pilgrims' path and close to one of the most challenging golf courses in Austria.

Here you can enjoy char, carp, pike or Reinanken fresh from Lake Mondsee.

The "Iris Porsche Gourmet Restaurant" in Mondsee is a gourmet restaurant with award-winning cuisine and regional suppliers.

Accompanied by the "Mondsee wedding professionals", marriage is the most beautiful day of one's life in Weyregg, where the Edelbrandsommelière Rosi Huber runs its distillery and offers specialities such as plum brandy, dried plum liqueur from the small Hauszwetschke and gin in the brandy shop.

At the Kaisergasthof, the former imperial postal station in Weyregg, a small museum and the Alpe-Adria kitchen pay homage to the emperor.

"Kulinarium Attersee" is the name of a project run by several restaurants on Lake Attersee, and the preparation of fresh Reinanken and lake char is part of their pleasurable range.

The Gasthof Wachtberg in Weyregg, situated high above the Attersee, is a partner of Kulinarium Attersee.

The Ottet confectionery in Schörfling is not only convincing with its top-quality pastry classics and ice cream.

Creations such as the "Original Klimt-Praline", the "Original Schloss Kammer Torte" and the "Schloss Kammer Trüffel" come together at the Kultur-Café for vernissages and musical performances.

The Almgasthof Schwarz am Hongar with a panoramic view lies high above between the Attersee and Traunsee lakes.

After a hike, wood-fired bratl, dumplings or venison soup taste good, and at Fischer Vroni in Attersee it is the pastries and the "Hoangartenbier" that delight the hiker.

The Landgasthof Spitzerwirt in St.

Georgen im Attergau is a culinary inn and lives Upper Austrian inn culture with its regular musician's table.

The "Kelten.Baum.Weg" and the "Rossweinroas" at the Landgasthof Nußbaumer in Vöcklamarkt are a special experience for families and groups.

crunchy pretzels are produced at the Brunbauers Brezenhof in Gampern and the best beef comes from the Murbodner cattle at the Auergut in Weißenkirchen in Attergau.

The Kieblers in Frankenmarkt are particularly innovative with Frucht & Sinne Schokoladenmanufaktur.

Here, freeze-dried fruits are coated with Fairtrade chocolate and fruit chocolates are produced in the showroom.

To the inn Kogler in Frankenmarkt a detour is worthwhile because of the home-made Schmankerl.

At the Roiderhof in Oberhofen am Irrsee, hay milk is processed into cheese specialities, natural yoghurt and farm butter in the farm's own cheese dairy, and the Hingerer farm cheese dairy in Zell am Moos, with its new show dairy, is an interesting destination for cheese lovers.

At the Haberlgut in Zell am Moos, bacon and sausage are made from the farm's own pork in the Hofmetzgerei and are offered at the Mondsee farmer's market along with fine brandies and pear must.The bakery Obauer in Zell am Moos is well known for its tasty, natural bread and pastries, and the two beekeepers Bio-Imkerei Rindberger and Bioimkerei Mondseeland in Zell am Moos bring with their honeys the sweet specialities for the richly laid table.TIPP:Farmer's market Mondsee: end of May to end of October - Saturday morningGross Mondseer farmer's market: 3rd Sunday in September