At the origin of all senses - the over 50 km long Almuferweg from Almspitz to Almsee



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Bad Wimsbach-NeydhartingStarting at Almspitz near Bad Wimsbach-Neydharting (still in the municipality of Fischlham), coming left from Edt near Lambach after the bridge and immediately left again to get to the Alm, follow the Alm to the first bridge (pedestrian), then follow the side road to the Almeggbrücke.From there you have the possibility to get to the centre of Bad Wimsbach-Neydharting, where you can also find the entrance at the station of the Vorchdorferbahn with parking place.

As well as the enjoyment of the Almfluss partner companies Mostschenke Huemer and Gasthof Dickinger and the two museums Open Air Museum Hackenschmiede and the new Early History Museum, please only use the parking spaces provided for this purpose at the entry points and be considerate of private property! From the Almeggbrücke it goes along the Alm through the beautiful Auwald forest to the mouth of the Laudach.

the next train stop is only about 500 meters away (stop AU).

here you have to follow the Laudach river a little to the bridge, cross it and then follow the river again to the Alm again to Vorchdorf.

Vorchdorfpass Haresau, continue along the Alm upriver until you reach the gravel works.

A short stretch on the access road until shortly before the Mühltal motorway bridge, where the path leads up the slope to the right.

(short, relatively steep section).

Through a pedestrian and bicycle underpass we pass under the motorway, past a nice housing estate to the street.

Cross them (please be careful) and follow the signs through the forest.

After approx.

500 metres turn right until you reach the Vorchdorf sports field.

Keep to this side of the road and cross the street at the pedestrian crossing next to the roundabout, then turn left towards the church and you will find yourself on Schlossplatz in Vorchdorf.

The pleasure at the Almfluss partner company Hoftaverne Ziegelböck is only 2 minutes walk away.

quren the Schlossplatz in the direction of Laudachbrücke and turn left after the bridge and follow the path along the Laudach.

Shortly from the outdoor pool they cross the footbridge over the Laudach.

From here you can also reach the station Vorchdorf-Eggenberg in only 2 minutes, where you have connection to the railway lines from Stern & Hafferl to Lambach and to Gmunden.

There are also plenty of parking spaces in Vorchdorf (e.g.

Schwarzlmüller car park directly next to the Laudachbrücke bridge after the Schlossplatz).

After the footbridge on the right, you will reach the Vorchdorf pleasure rest area.

Enjoy the moment and take a seat in one of the wooden spoons.

Then continue along the Laudach, cross the road and follow the path to the Schloss Eggenberg brewery, the next partner of Genuss am Almfluss.

Before the brewery turn left, immediately next to the entrance up the hill.

Follow the road in the direction of Pappelleiten/Einsiedling.

Shortly before Pappelleiten you cross the road again and it goes down in the direction of Alm.

Following the path you come after a beautiful piece along the alpine pasture briefly on the road.

There is a car park right opposite, which could also be used for a stage hike.

Shortly along the road, then immediately turn left over the bridge to Eggenstein, a district of Pettenbach.PettenbachAfter the bridge turn left directly along the alpine pasture until you reach the Kronawettwehr show power station, a partner of Genuss am Almfluss.

Right next door is the massage rest area of Pettenbach, which you can use to relax and pamper yourself.

A car park has also been set up here so that you can visit the show power station and the active rest area directly.

Note on the connecting path from the centre of Pettenbach to Almburg, which is also dotted on the enjoyment on the Almfluss map.

This connection is intended as a hiking trail connection.

There are no parking possibilities in the area of Almburg! Therefore, please use the car park at the power station or directly at the train station in Pettenbach (or travel by train).

And please also pay attention to the factory traffic of the numerous sawmills along the hiking trail! Then it goes on along the alpine pasture, one or the other alpine wave couch waits for you to take possession of it.

Almost at the end of Pettenbach near Steinbach Brücke, you have the possibility, again only 5 minutes away from the path, to get to the boarding point at the Steinbach-Brücke train station of the Almtalbahn.

In the neighbouring village Steinbach am Ziehberg you will find the pleasure of the Almfluss partner company Ferienhaus Schwarzenbach.Between Steinbach bridge and the Schatzlmühle in Viechtwang is the way at present on the little used road (at the same time also the Almtalradweg R13).

We will let you know as soon as this detour is no longer necessary.ScharnsteinThe trail continues along the Alm in the direction of Schatzmühle near Viechtwang.

The Schatzlmühle campsite is also a partner of Genuss am Almfluss.

Past the sports field you come to the deep rope garden, the active rest area of Scharnstein.

You will also find a resting place with alpine wave loungers right next to the alpine pasture.

Continue along the Alm until shortly before the large Alm bridge of Scharnstein.

There you can make a detour into the village, or you can go on and please carefully cross the railway line.

From here it is only 2 minutes to the train station Scharnstein-Mühldorf.

You go over the footbridge to the next partner enterprise of Genuss am Almfluss, the scythe museum Geyerhammer, which you are very welcome to visit.

Continue along the Alm to the next train stop Kothmühle.

From there you have the possibility to make hikes in the direction of St.

Konrad, where you will find the pleasure of the Almfluss partner farm Pührethof.

On the way there the pleasure is at the Almfluss partner company Gasthaus Taverne Thann.Grünau im AlmtalThe path along the Alm is now to the next Alm bridge.

Here you have the opportunity to make a short detour to the beautiful Wieselmühl pond and spend the night at the Almfluss partner Forellenhof Wieselmühle, for example, while enjoying the Alm River.

Continuing in the direction of Grünau in the Almtal valley, you will pass the Redlmühle power station, on which you will find a worth seeing bull wood sculpture.

From the Almwellenliege one already has a fantastic view of the mountains of the Totes Gebirge.

Further along the Alm you come to the next bridge and there you can enjoy a culinary break at the Landgasthof Schaiten, a culinary delight on the Almfluss partner farm.

We continue to the centre of Grünau in the Almtal, where the tourist office is also located.

In the village you also have the possibility to spend the night with the numerous pleasure at the Almfluss partner enterprises, like Alpenpension Birkenhof, Pension Kasbergblick, Urlaub Am Bauernhofbetrieb Sportlerhof or at the Naturfreunde Hotel Wimmergreuth.

From there it is 2 minutes to the station Grünau in the Almtal.

The path continues to the left, past the pleasure of the Almfluss partner Romantikhotel Almtalhof.

There we cross the bridge and walk along the Alm for a while, past the pleasure of the Almfluss partner companies Pension Wanderruh and the JUFA Hotel Almtal to the Fischerau, from where the path leads parallel to the Almseestraße in the forest to the next highlight, the Cumberland WildparkThe Cumberland Wildpark is also a pleasure of the Almfluss partner company.

A visit is worthwhile and should actually be included in the hiking program.

A round in the game park (approx.

5 km) with many shortcuts.

Then you can also take advantage of the gastronomy in the Wildpark (only open to visitors) and continue along the path to the turnoff to Hetzau (access to the Ödseen lakes).

From there the path leads back to the Alm and through the forest to the Almsee.AlmseePast the mouth of the Almsee you walk along the eastern shore, past the Viscope, with which you can enjoy a great and informative panoramic view, to the car park at the Seehaus.

A little further to Echoplatzerl, above which are the new hanging chairs, where you can enjoy the view and the echo.

Here the path is a little bit steep and the gravel makes the ascent a bit difficult!Please only use the parking spaces provided at the entry points and be considerate of private property! Thank you very much for your fairness! The deviations in the kilometre and time data result from the access from the car parks to the path or to the rest areas.