Viechtwang railway station is a good starting point for the "Genuss am Almfuss" long-distance hiking trail. In the Gasthaus Schatzlmühle, which can be reached in only 5 min walking time, one could strengthen oneself before the hike.


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On the way from Viechtwang to Grünau gibt´s you can admire not only nature but also many cultural highlights.

Follow the signs to the sports field where the Almuferweg offers a real attraction for children and teenagers.

The active rest area in Scharnstein is certainly a highlight with its creative and challenging deep-rope garden.

A modern toilet facility is also located here.

Then we continue upstream to the alp bridge Scharnstein.

There you change over a small footbridge to the other side of the river.

It'll be culturally interesting here.

On the right is the Museum Geyerhammer, a partner of Genuss am Almfluss, which in the 19th century was the largest scythe smithy of the monarchy (" "

A visit is possible from May to October on weekends or public holidays.

Every 2nd Saturday at 15:00 o'clock there will be a show of the original water hammers.

From there the route could be extended with a detour to the Scharnstein ruin, another highlight on the route (4 km, 280 hm, 1.5 hours).

Over the Thießenbach valley, past old residential and manor houses from the time of the "black counts" the path winds up to the ruins.

The descent takes place via a forest and meadow path, so you find your way back to the enjoyment of the Almfluss long-distance hiking trail.

Along the alp they follow partly on asphalted side roads, hiking trails and forest roads up to the Kothmühle.

There we change again over the Almfluss and follow the path further upstream.

Here you would have the possibility to continue the journey with the Almtalbahn or to make a hike in the direction of St.

Konrad, where you will find the pleasure of the Almfluss partner Pührethof.

On the way there you will find the pleasure of the Almfluss partner Gasthaus Taverne Thann.

From the Kothmühle mill to Grünau the path now leads directly along the river.

There are many places here to cool off on hot days or just relax on an alpine wave couch.

Nature shows itself from spring to autumn in various colours.

One walks through beautiful mixed forest past weirs, gravel banks and sandbanks.

Close to the Gangljodl weir, the Forellenhof Wieselmühle, also a partner farm of Genuss am Almfluss, offers itself as a stopover.

There you can watch the traditional trout breeding in the pond.

At the E-Werk Redlmühle you can learn more about hydroelectric power generation on display boards.

Through natural bypass channels the fish can easily pass the weir and the structure is guarded from a 300 year old oak trunk created sculpture "AlmaSulis - the power of water".

Now it is not far to the centre of Grünau.

On this route you will come to D`Einkehr, the inn along the Almfluss, there gibt´s Schmankerl from the region.

From there you reach the station Grünau in approx.

10 min walking time.

For the return journey to the starting point, the Almtalbahn runs almost every hour in the direction of Wels.

The tourist office is also located in the centre of Grünau im Almtal.

In the village you also have the possibility to spend the night with the numerous pleasure at the Almfluss partner companies, like Alpenpension Birkenhof, Pension Kasbergblick, Urlaub Am Bauernhof Sportlerhof or at the Naturfreunde Hotel Wimmergreuth.