Circular hike over striking mountain tops of our region. The hike leads over the Heulantsch, Mooskogel, Plankogel, Saukogel, the Siebenkögel and over the Osser.


6 - 7









FATMAP difficulty grade



Starting from the parking lot, one enters the Plankogl circular hiking trail.

A forest road is always a comfortable way to get there, always slightly downhill.

After a small hunting lodge the path now begins to climb.

After about 45 minutes we leave the circular path, turn right and follow path no.

745 towards Teichalm.

After only approx.

2 min.

walking time we reach the "Kerschbaum Gatterl".

Turn right and follow path no.

730 towards Straßegg.

At the Haberlstall junction, path no.

7 leads up and down the gentle, hilly mountains between the Teicheralm and the Sommeralm.

This section of the trail is one of the most beautiful in the entire Almenland.

After approx.

2.5 hrs.

(calculated from the parking lot at the Stoakoglhütte) we already see the Teichalm with its beautifully situated Teichalmsee.

The descent leads us directly to the Heulantsch car park.

We continue to the Teichalmsee, which we reach after about 3 hours.

On the opposite side of the lake, between the ski lifts "Aibellift" and "Ostlift", there is the entrance to path no.

740 in the direction of the Gerler Kreuz.

After approx.

30 min.

walking time you reach a crossing in a forest.

Here turn left towards "Angerwirt" (if you want to get to the Gerler Kreuz, turn right for only 5 minutes).

After this crossroads, it takes about 20 minutes, always slightly downhill, to the Angerwirt (path no.


Opposite the Angerwirt is the entrance (path no.

45) to the Osser.

It rises slightly on a gravel road.

After about 15 minutes turn left onto the mountain.

First over a pasture and then straight through the forest towards the summit cross.

From the Angerwirt one should have reached the summit cross after approx.

1 hour.

The 1548 m high Osser is one of the most beautiful panoramic mountains in the region.

Just like the ascent, the descent takes place immediately on the other side of the mountain.

Our next destination is the "Schwoabauerkreuz", about 20 minutes, which we can already see from a distance when descending.

After the "Schwoabauerkreuz" we continue along the idyllic 7 Kögel path (path no.

45) to the Sommeralm which we reach after approx.

1 hour 15 minutes.

Now geht´s directly to the windmill and on to the 1531 m high Plankogel summit.

This summit forms only a simple and slightly rising ascent over lush pastures.

The summit cross should be reached after about 20 minutes.

Just like the Osser, the Plankogel is also an excellent vantage point with views over large parts of the alpine pastures.

A short but steep descent to the Stoakoglhütte ends this wonderful circular hiking trail.