The Dürrensteigkamm connects the Ennser Hütte with the Schüttbauernalm and the Anlaufalm. Beautiful tightrope walk, endurance necessary! Partially exposed.


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Before the hike over the Dürrensteigkamm to the Schüttbauernalm, there is the hike to the Ennser Hütte, which can be reached in two ways - either from : "Bahnhof Großraming (approx.

3 hrs.) or from "Parkplatz Bamacher (approx.

1 hrs.)The hike over the Dürrensteig starts at Almkogel.

Enjoy the view far into the national park.

The stretch between the Almkogel and the Langlackermauer offers the most beautiful panoramic views of the entire region: Kalkalpen National Park with the Reichraminger Hintergebirge and the Sengsengebirge, Totes Gebirge and Haller Mauern on one side, Ennstaler Alps with Gesäuse National Park up to the Ötscher and far into the foothills of the Alps to the Mühl- and Waldviertel on the other side.

The wall drops a hundred meters steeply, the path leads exactly along the ridge.

Surefootedness and head for heights are required here! In addition, the descent at the end of the Langlackermauer wall leads about 10 meters almost vertically over the rocks, but a rope insurance is given.

A steep ascent finally leads to Hochzöbel.

From here it continues on the left hand side to Leerensackriedel.

There you have the possibility to hike over the Bodenwies summit.

The shorter Varainte runs down to the left at the junction at Leerensackriedel until you reach the end of a forest road.

From here you can see the hunting lodge Menaueralm, the forest road leads directly there and further over the pasture to the Schüttbauernalm.

Note: This day tour offers a fantastic panorama, but requires very good physical condition and is only suitable for experienced hikers.

From the Schüttbauernalm to the Anlaufalm you can expect another 12 km, a walking time of 5-7 hours and about 650-970 meters altitude difference.