Wonderful circular hike in Großarl with two summit experiences.


4 - 5









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The ascent takes place from the Sonneggbrücke bridge over the forest road or over the shortcuts through the forest to the Breitenebenalm.

Shortly before the Breitenebenalm you pass a game reserve. The Breitenebenalm is particularly popular for its desserts such as apple strudel or freshly baked cake.

They taste particularly good on the large sun terrace.

For the children there is a playground, small animals and ponies. After a refreshment at the Breitenebenalm the trail leads partly through the forest, partly over alpine meadows to the Karseggalm.

All active observers can discover a small fishpond just above the Breitenebenalm. The Karseggalm is probably one of the most rustic huts in the whole Alpine region and with its 400 years it is also one of the oldest huts.

The floor inside the hut is covered with clay and tree bark.

It may be that the "Wehstatt", so called the "kitchen" in an old hut, is full of smoke.

As most people can no longer imagine, there is an open fireplace here.

A speciality from the Grossarl Valley is produced: kneaded cheese.

You won't get it at any other hut as you need an open fireplace to smoke the cheese.

Once a week you can watch the dairymaid making the typical sour cheese of the Grossarl Valley. A ladder leans against the fireplace.

If you climb up there, you will be surprised once again: there are no beds on this mountain pasture, here people still sleep in the hay! In the evening the alpine dairymen light candles and it slowly dawns that there is no electricity here! You simply feel like you've been back decades, you lose track of time and just enjoy the moment! The culinary delights do not come too short on the Karseggalm either.

In addition to the sour cheese and the kneaded cheese, there is homemade bread, really yellow alpine butter, sausage, bacon, sweet cheese, curd cheese spread...

In addition a glass of fresh whole or buttermilk.

Then follows a Häferl Almkaffee and mostly there is also cake.

Finally there is a Stamperl self distilled schnapps. Ascent via Oberwand- and Promaualm (both not farmed) to Penkkopf and on to Gründegg.

From Penkkopf and Gründegg you have a wonderful panoramic view to the Hohe Tauern with the first three thousand meter peaks and to the Tennen- and Hagengebirge and the Hochkönig. As you descend, you pass the troughs, small mountain lakes that are almost at the top of the ridge.

The path leads you to the Spatkar, the Spatalmen and the Kleinwildalm (both not farmed).

After the Kleinwildalm a steady descent begins to the Großwildalm, where the alpine dairymen wait for the hikers with delicacies from their own production. First you walk along the forest path, then you follow the hiking trail to the Breitenebenalm.

Descent either along the forest path or the shortcuts through the forest.