Beautiful circular hike on the ridge in the Ellmautal valley.


4 - 5









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The hike starts at the end of the valley from the largest side valley of the Grossarl valley - in the Ellmautal valley near the Grund car park.

On a rustic alpine pasture path, the path leads first through the forest, then over wide alpine meadows to the Ellmaualm.

You will pass the Großellmau-Heimalm, which is not farmed. Arrived at the top of the Ellmaualm you will not only enjoy a wonderful panoramic view up to the Hochkönig, but also a very good snack with homemade delicacies such as bread, butter, cheese, sausage or bacon.

For the children there is a small but nice playground. Ascent over magnificent alpine meadows to the ridge, then hike along the ridge to Gründegg.

From here you have a wonderful panoramic view.

On one side you can see the Hohe Tauern on the other side the Hochkönig as well as the Tennen and Hagengebirge. Hike along the ridge to the Filzmoossattel.

Directly on the saddle is a beautifully designed gentian, which accompanies hikers along the entire Salzburger Almenweg. About 50 m above the Filzmoossattel is the Filzmooshöhe.

A somewhat different, but with a lot of love for detail designed summit cross fascinates the hikers and makes everyone pause for a moment. If you now turn around, you can see the majestic Draugstein overlooking the Ellmautal valley.

This mountain is one of three limestone mountains here in the valley and the clay on the Draugstein is said to have healing effects. The Salzburger Almenweg continues downhill past many pine trees so typical for the rear Ellmautal to the Filzmoosalm.

The hut is situated in an untouched natural landscape.

The wide alpine pastures and alpine pasture mats are bordered on the one hand by grassy mountain peaks and on the other by the rugged limestone blocks of the Draustein and the Grosser Schneibenstein.

Here you will be spoiled with delicacies from our own production such as bread, butter, cheese, bacon or sausage.

After a refreshment stop and a rest, we head downhill on a rustic alpine pasture to Grund, the starting point of the tour.