Mountain hike from Großarl to Heukareck with a wonderful view of the Salzach valley.


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At the transmitter Holzlehen there is the "celestial node".

This is a monument of the Old Scout Guild, which has been holding its forum here in the Grossarl Valley for over 40 years.

A forest path leads comfortably to the Igltalalm. A nice water wheel, which was used for butter stirring in former times, is at the little brook in front of the hut.

This mountain pasture is a paradise for children - a stream and a small pond, a large playground as well as cats, dogs, ducks...

While the parents enjoy the snack with homemade delicacies such as bread, butter, cheese, bacon and sausage in the sun, the children can let off steam. But the little children can't go any further now, because they are going into the mountains.

On a beautiful alpine pasture you cross the Igltal, where many different flowers bloom especially in early summer.

The Igltal is also one of the wildest areas in the valley and it can happen that you discover a chamois. We continue on a nice path to the hay dump.

From here you have a wonderful view of the Salzach valley - you can see as far as Oberpinzgau and if the weather is very clear as far as the city of Salzburg. The way back is the same to the Igltalalm.