Mountain hike in Großarl to the Schuhflicker with ascent with the Panoramabahn.


4 - 5









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Journey with the " "Panoramabahn Grossarltal to the panorama plateau.

Here you have the opportunity to spoil yourself with delicacies on the Laireiteralm.

The way uphill is quite leisurely along a goods road to the Kreuzkogel.

Where in winter the skiers are jetting down the mountain, in summer you can hike very comfortably. From the Kreuzkogel you have a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains and you already have a real summit experience, although you only walked about 3/4 hours. We continue first downhill, then uphill to the Fulseck.

This is the top station of the Dorfgastein gondola lift.

Here you will find the "Gipfelstadl" directly at the summit, where you will be spoiled with delicacies and after a short rest you will descend again to the Arltörl.

This is the deepest cut between Grossarl and the village gate and was formerly used as a trade route.

Directly at the Arltörl there is a small chapel, which is intended to encourage all hikers to pause for a moment. Afterwards the way leads you to the Schuhflicker, that is one of three limestone mountains with us in the Grossarl valley.

Legend has it that two shoe flickers were fossilized here, which preferred to walk on the mountain on Sunday instead of spending the Sunday morning in the church (that's why two lace form the shoe flicker).

Numerous climbing routes also lead to the Arlspitze. From the Schuhflicker one has a very nice view of the Schuhflickersee.

It is remarkable that there is no inflow or outflow to this lake, but the water level always remains constant.

According to legend, it is connected underground with the Tappenkarsee in Kleinarl, after a cartwheel that fell into the Tappenkarsee was suddenly found in the small Schuhflickersee...

Then the hike leads to the Aualm, where you are spoiled with homemade delicacies.

The hut was newly built in the last few years, but has remained a real alpine hut. You can either take the hiking taxi down to the valley or anyone who is still fit can walk into the valley.