Beautiful multi-day tour especially suitable for families with children from 4 to 6 years.


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The hike starts at the end of the valley from the largest side valley of the Grossarl valley - in the Ellmautal valley near the Grund car park.

On a rustic alpine pasture path you come to the Filzmoosalm.

This hut is situated in an unspoilt natural landscape.

The wide alpine pastures and alpine pasture mats are bordered on the one hand by grassy mountain peaks and on the other by rugged limestone blocks of the Draustein and the Grosser Schneibenstein.

After a little refreshment with homemade delicacies such as bread, butter, cheese, sausage or bacon, there is plenty for the children to discover.

Exhausted all fall then into the comfortable beds. You will be awakened on the alp by cowbells.

After a tasty breakfast, the trail leads uphill past many pine trees typical of the Ellmautal valley.

Finally you reach the Filzmoossattel.

Directly on the saddle is a beautifully designed gentian, the symbol of the Salzburger Almenweg, which also includes the section from the Filzmoosalm to the Filzmoossattel and on to the Draugsteinalmen.

Here a short excursion to the Filzmooshöhe is worthwhile in any case.

A different, but with a lot of love for detail designed summit cross fascinates all hikers and makes them pause for a moment.

If you turn around now, you will see the majestic Draugstein overlooking the Ellmautal.

This mountain is one of three limestone mountains here in the valley and the clay on the Draugstein is said to have healing effects.

The descent to the Draugsteinalmen is quite comfortable.

There are two cabins where you will be spoiled with regional delicacies and where you can stay for the night.

The left hut is the Schrambachhütte, the right the Steinmannhütte. After a hearty breakfast we head downhill to the Hallmoosalm (not farmed).

All tired hikers can take the hiking taxi from the Hallmoosalm into the valley.

Otherwise you hike into the valley into the district Karteis.

Here you will pass the Karteiskapelle, which is part of the " "Kapellenweg.