Varied hike on country, forest and meadow paths, wonderful panorama with many views as far as the Alps.


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It is a true event from the early 17th century: Knight Sigmund Hager zu Alleinstein was on the run and rested under a tree, falling asleep.

As the enemies approached, his dog with the strange name Dolphin woke him up with a strong bite in his ear.

The nobleman just managed to save himself.

When his faithful companion entered the eternal hunting grounds in 1612, at the age of 17, he donated him a gravestone of his own: "My master I guarded with Droi, that's why the stain was made for me, it stands on a stone slab, which can be seen today on the wall of the Gasthof Klosterhof, the former moated castle of St.


It is quite possible that the saying "There lies the buried dog!" was born.

From the parish church St.

Veit - it contains a painting by Kremser Schmidt - we go to the leisure centre, where there is a wet biotope with a large reed population.

Then we turn left onto hiking trail no.

1 (signposted Hansberg).

Soon we hike uphill through mixed forest until our path joins the Mühlviertler Mittellandweg No.


On this one to the left, over the ski lift meadow and in steep serpentines on the Hansberg, on which three transmitter masts, a snack station with the Schnopfhagen monument, as well as a stone table from the year 1643 stand.

After the summit rest, we descend along the same route, but stay on the Mittellandweg n.

150, which soon follows a dirt road to the left.

From a crossroads, you follow meadow and forest paths to the next houses.

There turn right in the direction of St.

Veit and then left to the main road in the valley of Kleine Rodl.

Again steeply ascending to the upper road bend and finally through meadows up to Waxenberg.

Of course we dedicate a side trip to the castle ruins from the 12th century.

From its 30 m high tower you have a view over half of the Mühlviertel - and our last part of the way: From the sharp bend in front of the village we take the road with the marking No.

62 in the direction of St.

Veit, follow the main road for a short time and then hike down above the Froschau to the Kleiner Rodl.

After the bridge, go straight ahead and then keep right to the starting point.

Rest stops: In all places along the way.