A perfect green run for beginners who already turn, feel confident in beginner's areas and who want to prove themselves on a more challenging slope.









The Perdiz is one of the longest green slopes in Sierra Nevada.

It is perfect for beginners who can already turn, who feel confident in a beginner's area and who want to prove themselves on a more challenging slope.

It is the next step after getting out of the beginner's area.

The lift to get there, Veleta II, is quite long so you can have some time to have a rest there.

As you come out the lift, you will find Pediz on the left side.

You have a wide terrain where you can organize yourself before start going down.

As you start the run you will find a soft slope followed by a flat.

Don’t go too close to the right side as you will get into the Peñones blue run.

The flat bends a little bit to the left side and then you will find the first steeped part.

This section is wide but normally busy, so you should choose your way down so as not to cross in between other skiers.

As you cross under the lift you can see that the slope gets flatter and flatter.

Next, you will find a crossing where you can choose whether to continue down or change to Peña.

Perdiz is the harder way and if you didn't feel very comfortable, you should choose the Peña.

This last Perdiz section will go by a final steeped slope and you will arrive between the Veleta and Veleta II chairlifts.

You should get Veleta II as Veleta is for blue runs. Ramp: 230 m Length: 1467 m Surface: 79259 m2