Easy hike in huts and mountains on well marked, but sometimes steep paths and paths.


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Hiking informationThe Hochbuchberg in the south of Steinbach an der Steyr is a well-known and - thanks to the Grünburger Hütte - popular viewpoint all year round.

We reach it by going uphill from the car park along the road, past the Freidhager farm and a chapel.

At the following street division straight ahead on the hiking trail no.

15 next to the brook to a pasture.

Along the edge of the forest, cross two forest roads and up to the saddle of Messerer Gscheid.

As the name suggests, the traders of the knives from Steinbach and Trattenbach once travelled here, selling their sharp goods in half of Europe.

From there we hike along the path leading to the right, a section of the long-distance hiking trails 404 and 409, towards the Grünburger Hütte.

Through the forest slope of the Krennkogel and over a meadow we reach another saddle.

To the right over the Sulzboden (small hut) to the wide valley below the Hochbuchberg.

We reach its summit on the trail that branches off to the left and climbs up through the steep forest slope to the cross (beautiful view from the lowlands to the Totes Gebirge).

Down the same route.

In the valley at the foot of the mountain, however, we now turn left in order to walk down the signposted path next to the large meadow and to the right through a piece of forest to the Grünburger Hütte.

The cosy and perfectly managed refuge was built in 1926/27; at the focal point of several access routes, it is still one of the most popular excursion destinations in the region today.

After the stop, follow path no.

480 in the same direction down into the woods.

After about 10 minutes we turn right onto the narrower path no.

16, which leads through the slope to a forest path and further down over meadows to the starting point.

Rest stops:Grünburger Hütte