Pleasant hiking route up into the Bohemian Forest and offers beautiful panoramic views over the Mühlviertel and around Klaffer.


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0 km You start the hike in the centre of Klaffer.

Follow the signs and leave the village in a northerly direction with a view of the Bohemian Forest.

At the carp pond, cross the road and follow the meadow path uphill for a short while, passing the sports facilities on the left.

You will come to the asphalt road, where you turn left and continue walking along it.

After about 1.0 km you will reach an asphalted access road where you continue to march to the right.

Shortly afterwards you leave the road and turn left following the dirt road towards the forest, where a forest road leads moderately uphill.

Don't miss the junction to the left down to Russenstein.

Shortly steep downhill, through a small wetland you reach 3.0 km to Russenstein.

In a large block of granite a Russian crew soldier carved "Death to the organizer of the war" in Cyrillic script.

Now you're going uphill.

At the forest road turn left for a short while and immediately afterwards turn right into the Waldsteig.

Passing the edge of the Sonnleitnerwiese, the trail climbs through the forest and after 4.5 km you reach a large clearing where you have a beautiful view of the Šumava.

Walk left past the Gierlinger farm (Reiterhof) and plunge into the forest in front of you.

After a short time on the right side of the road you see a simple wayside shrine on a spruce, the Mitgutsch-Marterl: The vernacular tells of a man from the Freundorf houses who staggered home one evening drunk from the inn.

Suddenly black cats - as big as dogs - appeared in front of him.

In his fear, he prayed to God.

And the monsters really disappeared.

Out of gratitude, he had this votive tablet made.

(Sage tells of Frieda Gabriel from Freundorf).

You continue on this beautiful forest path and come across a forest road.

Turning right, you will soon reach an idyllic clearing.

Klein Holzschlag was once a wood-chipper settlement.

The self-catering huts now offer overnight accommodation for youth and adult groups.

Downhill you follow the forest road and come to the 7.1 km valley station of the Zwieselberg lift.

After crossing the road and the Klafferbach, there is a short steep ascent to the 7.5 km event house Holzschlag.

The path then leads us past the former forester's house and the Holzschläger chapel (under Abbot Lebschy this measuring chapel was built in 1876-77 by the Schlägl monastery in Holzschlag) and after 900 m crosses the access road to the Hochficht ski area.

They march on the forest road further.

9.0 km A little later, at the clearing "Gschreinwiese" (above the reservoir), leave the forest road and turn right downhill into the forest.

Here were formerly grown for the forests of the Stift Schlägl seeds for forest plants and trees:.

You follow the shady forest path, which then changes into a forest road and march downhill until you emerge from the forest, where the Pfaffetschläger houses come into view.

Shortly afterwards you will reach an access road and immediately turn left again into the dirt road, where you will be accompanied on your right by a hedgerain down to the village.

There you turn left into the asphalt road (on the right the road leads to the ski area).

Walk down through 11.0 km Pfaffetschlag and at the end of the village turn right towards Klaffer.

At the beginning of the village Freundorf turn right before the first house.

Shortly afterwards, turn left into the Haselweg and ascend briefly to the 12.6 km Haselberg (746 m).

They'll come by the Devil's Stone.

This is where the devil once performed his wild dances and was interrupted by the Ave ringing from the village.

Out of rage he stamped the stone so that it broke in two and left his footprint.

You march 15.2 km following the mark down to the valley depression and back up to the starting point. "Request our hiking map for EUR 3,00 and the hiking diary for EUR 5,00!