Round tour with ascent over the Mitteralm and descent over the Kotalm


5 - 6









FATMAP difficulty grade



We follow the asphalted road, which soon turns into a forest road, up to the left.

After about 25 minutes walking time we keep to the right at a crossroads with signpost (689 m).

A few minutes later we leave the forest road (do not go any further - the road does not lead to Hohe Schrott!) at another signpost (770 m) to the left.

Up to the Halbweghütte (1117 m - unmanaged but well) we have to cross a forest road again.

About 25 minutes above the hut, after crossing another forest road directly, we reach an area that has been severely affected by the storms of recent years (pay close attention to the markings!).

When you reach a forest road, turn left at a signpost (1309 m).

We follow this tractor path to its end a few metres below the Mitteralm.

Passing some huts you reach a signpost (47°43'08 "N 013°42'04 "E) in front of a hut.

Here you could walk to the right to the Hinteralm.

However, we go straight ahead.

Soon the forest ends and we reach the mountain pine zone.

Once we have reached the Schrottsattel with a signpost, it is only 20 minutes to the summit of Hohe Schrott (47°43'40 "N - 013°42'41 "O - 1839 m).

On the descent we go back to the Schrottsattel and ascend in a few minutes to the Hochglegt (47°43'33 "N - 013°42'09 "O - 1785 m).

Now it goes in western direction down to the Kotalm.

On the further descent to Bad Ischl through a huge forest area affected by storm damage, we have to cross a forest road four more times (pay attention to the markings!) before we reach the Rettenbach district.

Up the Rettenbach you can hike back to the starting point.