A long but varied mountain tour leads from Rettenbach in Roßleithen up to the highest peak of the Sengsengebirge, the Hohe Nock. The trail that leads back to the Budergraben past the former Koppenalm is wildly romantic.


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A way he couldn't begin more beautifully.

You cross the Rettenbach and you are already on the trail, which immediately and steadily leads uphill through dense forest.

30 minutes later, the forest clears up and gives the first beautiful views of the Budergraben, which is filled with snow to the delight of ski tourers until well into spring.

At the end of the ditch, turn right, cross a wide scree field and at about 1,600 metres you will reach a signpost, where the path from the Koppenalm, which you want to descend, ends.

Go up through Latschengassen, following trail no.

463 until you reach flatter terrain.

The last part of the trail leads past vertical cliffs with views down to the Feichtau and a short steep ascent to the top of the Feichtau, a beautiful green plateau, inviting enough to stay here for a longer time, and some of you will have a relaxing nap after the ascent.

But also the pleasure of watching is not to be despised, as you have landed in the middle of the Kalkalpen National Park.

Back you go on the same pathHiking trail number: 463