The Höss-Round of the RundWanderWelt Hinterstoder is a small, but fine & especially family-friendly alpine hike on the high plateau of the Höss, in the middle of which the mountain lake sparkles.


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A magnificent view of over 100 kilometres is offered to the hiker at the mountain station of the 6-seater chair lift Höss-Express at 1,858 metres above sea level, the starting point of the Höss-Runde - directly at the forest line, already in the alpine terrain.In front of the high mountain scenery with the summit chain of the Totes Gebirge, the circular path leads almost flat over the lush green alpine pastures, between the mountain pines (Legföhren), past small water lacquers, the game pens, then slightly ascending through the "Latschen Labyrinth" to the snow oven at the south-eastern edge of the terrain.

The view from the resting places here is to the southeast towards the Warscheneck group with its typical banking (stratification) of the Dachstein limestone.

The path then turns southwest, crosses the alpine path to the Schrockengrat and leads, again slightly uphill, to the viewing platform "Dachsteinblick" on the western edge of the terrain, which is enthroned like an eagle's nest on the rocky promontory.

From the highest point of this tour you have an impressive view of the rugged Dolomite towers and the rubble fields of the Weißenbach Valley, and from now on the trail descends downhill: between mountain pines the path winds its way down in serpentines towards the fascinating double image of the Great Priel and the Spitzmauer, which is reflected in the Schafkogelsee.

Even the waves seem to ask themselves: Which one is more beautiful? Which one's higher? Carried upwards by this unique scenery, one is drawn into the underground, into the interior of this mountain world in the face of a doline at the foot of the serpentines.

As a typical feature of the Karst landscape, the funnel-shaped doline as a water-discharging gorge signals the connection to the caves and watercourses that cross the Tote Gebirge.

On the top of the dam of the "Schafkogelsee", the path leads past the small mountain chapel back to the mountain inn Höss of the Pernegger family and to the mountain station of the 6-seater chairlift Höss-Express.