Valley crossing from the Grossarl Valley into the Gastein Valley over the highest grass mountain in Europe, the Gamskarkogel.


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The path to the Harbachalm leads on a forest path for the most part through the forest.

They pass by the Tofernkapelle, which a hunter from Hüttschlag had built years ago to thank his wife for her health.

It is a place to keep silence and should inspire every hiker to say thank you. After approx.

1 1/2 hours you reach the Harbachalm.

In addition to specialities such as cheese, butter, bread, bacon or sausage, you must try the apple bread, which is a mixture of sponge cake and fruit bread. The Harbachalm is an old miner's hut from the 17th century.

The entire Tofern- but also the Reitalm area used to be used for copper mining.

The Tofern area is particularly known for its rich occurrence of yellow and dotted gentian (also known as "gentian root"), the roots of which have a special healing effect on stomach and intestinal diseases and are strictly protected.

A long, long time ago the "Wurzenzwerg von der Tofern" is said to have lived in this area.

That was a little goblin who could make himself invisible, up to his nose, which always remained visible and was a gentian root.

Even today the Wurzenzwerg is supposed to care for the gentian sausages... The trail continues via the Tofernalm (not farmed) to the Toferscharte, from where you have a magnificent view of Bad Gastein, and on to the Gamskarkogel, Europe's highest grass mountain.

The view from Gamskarkogel has become world famous.

It extends over the whole chain of the Hohe Tauern and over the northernmost limestone Alps, from the Wilder Kaiser to the Dachstein, and the best thing about it is that there is a managed hut directly on the summit.

In the Bad Gasteiner Hütte you will be spoiled with delicacies.

This Alpine Club hut is one of the oldest huts in the entire Alpine region.

The hut was built in 1828 by Archduke Johann and offers accommodation for about 20 people.

The descent takes place on the other side of the valley to the Rastötzenalm.

Here you will again be spoiled with delicacies.

The forest road leads downhill to the Annenkapelle, which in turn is a place to pause.

A beautiful hiking trail leads you to Bad Hofgastein.

The return journey to the Großarltal is by train and/or bus. ALTERNATIVE you can also descend from the Toferscharte along the Salzburger Almenweg to Bad Gastein.