From Krumau (Cesky Krumlov/CZ) - Passau: From Krumau via Stift Schlägl, Rohrbach-Berg, Sarleinsbach, Neustift to Passau and on via Kufstein. Numerous well-known pilgrimage churches along the way: Jakobskirche in Rohrbach-Berg, Pfarrkirche Pfarrkirchen.


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You can also take a detour over the steep section of the Schwarzenberg alluvial canal.

To do this, turn left immediately after the border.

The path leads via the alluvial canal back to St.Oswald.

From the border crossing, the Jacob's mussel is now groundbreaking.

The path leads downhill to St.Oswald past the former customs house.

After a short stretch of road, the path turns right over a meadow and shortly afterwards flows back onto the road.

Continue downhill through St.

Oswald and past the church.

In Almesberg turn right into Wiesenweg.

On this road you continue downhill with beautiful views to the right to Aigen-Schlägl and Ulrichsberg and to the left to Haslach.

In the village of Schwackerreith the path leads past a farm to the road.

Turn left onto this road and after a few metres turn right again in the direction of Furtmühle.

The path now follows the road a bit and turns right again above a small piece of woodland towards the trees.

Through the trees, Sieschon sees the Furtmühle Inn (overnight accommodation), which invites you to take a break.

You now have to turn left on the road to the bridge.

On this road you cross the GroßMühl and continue to the right upstream.

In the first bend of the road turn right onto the hiking trail "Große Mühl".

You now hike 7.7 km along the magnificent river landscape of the Grosse Mühl to Schlägl (visit to the Schlägl monastery, stop for refreshments and accommodation in the village).

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