Down-to-earthness, satisfaction and trust in God are a good basis for people's well-being. The "pearls" are an offer to find peace and serenity. The Julbach Pearl Trail invites you to active hiking, creative reflection and shared experiences. Walk from one pearl to the next. These pearls are special places along the way. Information about the pearls can be found at each location.


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Along the route you will find the parish church, the Way of the Cross on Calvary, the Calvary Chapel, the newly built Memorial Square, the 10 Commandments Trail, the Peace Square, the Chapel of the Cecilia and the Popp Garden.

0 km start at the parish church, the first pearl, walk left uphill to the main road you will cross.

Follow the signs uphill and you will reach the 300 m entrance of the Kreuzweg where you turn left.

The stations of the Way of the Cross take you to the 700 m Calvary Chapel and its memorial place.

From here the 10 commandments path runs parallel.

Walk slightly downhill along the forest path on the left and you will reach the road, follow it to the left for a few meters and turn right into the dirt road.

You will come to a street where you turn right downhill and you will come back to the beginning of the Kreuzweg.

On the left you open the gate to the sheep pasture, which you cross.

Follow the path after the pasture and you will reach the 1.6 km Cäcilienkapelle.

Follow the road and turn right into the street.

This will take you to the main road where you turn right.

Here you get to the last pearl of the path, the Popp Garden, and on to your starting point of the 2.2 km parish church Julbach.