Kalkalpenweg Section 3 - Wilderness & Wildlife: ANLAUFALM - EBENFORSTALMFrom the Anlaufalm, the 3rd section leads you into the wilderness of the Kalkalpen National Park. Over the large hermitage to the Ebenforstalm.


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The path leads from the Anlaufalm flat on a tractor path over the pasture.

After a slight bend you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the national park again.

After a few minutes' walk, the path branches off to the left from Traktorweg to a small stream.

Already from a distance you can see a hiking trail marking in the middle of the pasture.

At this crossroads you turn left over the Hochschlacht (see description) to the Schleierwasserfall and over the Trifftsteig through the Große Schlucht gorge to the Annerlsteg - this variant is particularly scenic and leads through a unique natural landscape, but is only recommended for the more experienced, as the descent over the Hochschlacht is very steep.

After a few minutes' walk in the forest, the path drops steeply downhill over a short stretch in serpentines to an old forest road.

The old forest road forms the border to the national park and leads flat for a few minutes on foot.

Finally, the path branches off to the left in a right-hand bend from the road into the forest.

If you continue straight on along the forest road, you will come to the turnoff to the right, which goes back towards Brunnbach.

At the turnoff, the path descends steeply into the forest after a few steps.

To the left the slope drops very steeply.

Further steeply downhill the way leads finally over a small brook, which leads water only with rain.

Follow the course of the stream further down the river until the path finally joins an old forest road again via a wooden staircase.

Follow the old forest road again to the right, relatively flat, until the next crossroads.

To the right it would go also here again on the forest road direction Brunnbach.

To the left, right at the crossroads, it goes over the Keixen to the big brook.

On an old tractor path one walks comfortably downhill until one comes across a meadow with the dilapidated hut "Keixen" (former hunting lodge).

Passing the hut on the right, the path leads back into the forest on an old forest road down to the Great Brook.

20 minutes walk along the Great Brook on the Hintergebirgsradweg downstream to the Great Klaushütte (488 m).

The Grosse Klaushütte was once the home of the woodcutters in the Hintergebirge mountains and has now become a popular place to stop for refreshments.

To the left before the tunnel you go to the "Kleiner Klaushütte", from where you can also have a look at the former "Große Klause".

When entering the tunnel, the lighting switches on automatically after a few steps.

Right after the tunnel a few steps lead down to the former Great Hermitage, where the Reichraminger Hintergebirge has been used for timbering since the Middle Ages.

In order to bring the wood from the Hintergebirge, the rivers were used for the wood drift.

At various points wooden hollyhocks (dams) were erected and with the melt water in spring the wood was then drifted to Reichraming.

The Great Hermitage was the largest of its kind and also the last before Reichraming.

From here all the wood was drifted with a "Klausen blow" to Reichraming.

Due to a bark beetle catastrophe, a forest railway was finally built into the Hintergebirge mountains, replacing the wooden drift.

She last drove in 1971.

Today nature lovers again have the opportunity to experience the national park by bike on the former route of the Waldbahn, on the Hintergebirgsradweg.

Through the second tunnel, it goes quite flat on the Hintergebirgsradweg further downstream to the first turn-off, which goes left over the big brook at the "Rabenbachbrücke".

Immediately after the bridge, the path leads to the right, flat on a forest road, along the Great Brook through a beech forest.

Gradually the forest path climbs up comfortably and you hike further and further above the big brook.

Finally, one arrives at a left turn, from which the forest path leads away from the valley of the Great Brook and into the Kohlersgraben.

This is also where the 2nd ascent of the Begsteigersteig from Wasserboden joins the path.

Follow the forest road until shortly after the next bend, where the path branches off to the right at a crossroad into an old forest road.

From here it goes a little steeper to the end of the old forest road up to an old turning point.

At the end of the turning point, the hiking trail continues up a beautiful forest path towards Ebenforstalm.

If one were to pursue this old path further, it would be the connection via the Klaushof to the Ebenforstalm.

Halfway the path branches off to the right, Stoamandln (little stone men) show the way.

A narrow path leads from here partly downhill to the stream.

The stream only has some water when it rains, so it is easy to cross it.

After crossing the creek you have to gather strength for a short time.

The next 150 to 200 meters the zigzag course goes very steeply up the forest.

Rope insurances help with the somewhat arduous ascent.

After these short troubles you come below a rock face but again flatter along the slope and on a beautiful forest path above the ditch.

A little caution is advised here, as the slope to the left is extremely steep.

Along the way you will find interesting dead trees covered with sponges.

Finally, the path turns right and crosses the forest floor, past an old stone wall onto a forest road, from where it is not too far to the Ebenforstalm.

Follow the forest road to the left for a few minutes and walk flat until you reach a crossroads where you take the forest road to the right.

After a few minutes of walking, you reach a fork in the road again, where you continue straight ahead.

After a few steps, you reach the starting point of the theme trail "Wollgras, Alm und Wasserschwinde".

Rich alpine pastures, cotton grass, swamps and deep green spruce forests hold many a secret.

A lively bubbling stream disappears abruptly into the forest, inconspicuous peat tells the story of 8,000 years and the rock pulpit of Trämpel and Alpstein show that the whole geology has tipped over to the roof.

This theme trail shows the diversity of the mountain world at Ebenforst.

A wooden footbridge leads you through this fascinating area just above the forest and alp floor.

In late spring, the alpine pasture floor blossoms with troll flowers, peat mosses, two types of wool grass, sundew, and various orchids such as broad-leaved orchid, mosquito root and fox orchid.

From the alpine pasture floor you can already see the Ebenforstalm, today's destination, just above the Ebenforstalm.