The starting point for the hike through the wild and romantic Kaltenbach wilderness is the Hotel Hois'n Wirt, which can be reached either via the Traunsteinstraße or with the boats of the Traunsee Schifffahrt, but there is also another possibility to enter the Kaltenbach wilderness. At the end of Traunsteinstraße, approx. 300 metres before the reversal car park "Unterm Stein" another entrance. Directly at the lake, next to a fountain, the path leads you uphill through the forest into the Kaltenbach wilderness.


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From the Seegasthof Hois'n, take the first asphalted road uphill in a few bends through the forest and turn right onto the forest road.

This is only used for a short distance and then branches off again to a narrow path that leads directly to the north-west crashes of the Adlerhorst.

In a westerly direction around the Adlerhorst, one reaches the real "natural paradise Kaltenbachwilderness" through a short tunnel.

The bizarre rock towers, serrations, peaks and ridges are the result of massive rockfalls and erosion and impressively testify to the slow disintegration of the primary rock.

Deep down in the gorge, the Kaltenbach stream winds its way as the eponym of this "wilderness" in front of the Traunstein.

After the tunnel, it continues on a well maintained and rope-secured path over steps and in hairpin bends.

Benches and viewing terraces invite you to take a break and the views change after every bend in the road.

Over small and narrow bridges, past water raving and the waterfall of the Kaltenbach, the summit is reached at 650 metres above sea level.

At the old hut and the Holzbankerl the view widens out to the Traunsee landscape, the Traunstein and the Adlerhorst.From the top of the hill you can walk through the grass, later through the forest, to the junction of the Herlersteig and shortly afterwards you reach the Schobersteinstraße, where you can descend directly to the Traunsee Ostufer (Traunsteinstraße) or hike down the forest road to the memorial for the Traunstein victims.

A metal book with the engraved names reminds of the dead of the Traunstein on a mighty rock at the edge of the forest road.

After a few minutes on foot you also arrive at the Traunsee Ostufer and on the Traunsteinstraße, where you can hike back to the starting points at the Seegasthöfen Ramsau and Hois'n.